Marti Brown

Vision.   Strategy.   Planning.   Implementation.

Highlights & Accomplishments

North Franklin Business District's Community & Economic Development Plan
In the absence of redevelopment law and government revitalization efforts at the neighborhood level, Marti initiated and introduced to the business association's board of directors the concept of developing its own community and economic development plan ('Plan'). The effort included hiring a local consultant and jointly working on a plan to revitalize both the physical and socio-economic infrastructure in the business district and former redevelopment area.

Capitalizing on the State's efforts to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and move toward sustainability, the Plan is focused on creating a "green energy corridor" and increase the overall "greening" of the business district and surrounding residential neighborhoods.

Key recommendations include:

  • 'green' public infrastructure improvements (e.g., streetscapes, parks);
  • tools to stimulate economic development;
  • 'green' cradle to career pathways;
  • increased healthcare access; and
  • a 'green' neighborhood shuttle and other shared mobility options.

The Result:
Almost three years later, the Plan is nearly complete. As a result of the Association's work, Marti prepared and the City of Sacramento submitted an application to the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) for a new streetscape design on Franklin Boulevard. SACOG staff recently recommended the application for a $443,000 grant. An additional $100,000 was leveraged from the City of Sacramento for the same project.

Approached by three other organizations because of the Association's Plan and revitalization efforts, two public agencies and three non-profit organizations are collaborating on a Caltrans Sustainability Transportation Planning grant to conduct a feasibility study of share mobility options in the business district (e.g., neighborhood shuttle, bike share). The application will be submitted in December 2015.