Marti Brown

Vision.   Strategy.   Planning.   Implementation.

Highlights & Accomplishments

Inter-Agency Committee* Collaboration (2011)
Marti initiated a local inter-agency resolution to direct staff to research, analyze and recommend opportunities for multiple agencies to jointly procure goods and services. In addition, Marti and the Mayor jointly proposed allocating city funds as “seed money” to hire a consultant and begin the initial research and analysis.

The result:
All governing boards approved the resolution to collaborate and look for opportunities for joint procurement of goods and services. The City of Vallejo hired a consultant who researched and recommended areas of joint-Agency procurement.

*The Inter-Agency Committee is a formal committee of the City of Vallejo that consists of elected and appointed officials from the Vallejo City Council, Vallejo School Board, Greater Vallejo Recreation District, Community College, Library, and Sanitation and Flood District.