Marti Brown

General Plan Working Group hard at work.

Vision.   Strategy.   Planning.   Implementation.

Highlights & Accomplishments

Comprehensive General Plan (GP) Update (2012)
Marti secured the support and efforts of the Center for Sustainable Communities to apply for and win a Strategic Growth Council grant enabling the City of Vallejo to update its 30+ year old General Plan. She also proposed and the Council later approved additional GP funding from its sister organization, the Vallejo Sanitation and Flood District. As part of the GP Update, Marti also initiated and received Council approval for the city’s first-ever Health Element ('Healthy Community').

The Result:
In 2013, the City of Vallejo began a Comprehensive General Plan (‘Plan’) and Zoning Update that included an appointed oversight committee and considerable public outreach. As of 2015, the City has approved three draft planning scenarios and will now move forward in choosing a preferred scenario’ and preparing the Plan’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR).