Highlights & Accomplishments

Community Development Accomplishments in Arvin
During Marti's brief 16 month tenure in Arvin, she worked on several development projects and policy documents.

The Result:
Marti spearheaded a branding effort to name the City's new town center/downtown to Las Palmas; facilitated the development and completion of a new Taco Bell and Arco AM/PM - both under deadline and on schedule; worked with two subdivision developers to restart stalled housing projects and negotiate previously unclear, as well as new, terms of the subdivision agreements; reduced mid-year budget deficit by $430,000 by negotiating advance payment of subdivision building and impact fees; while facing the threat of a lawsuit from two housing advocacy groups, managed to complete and receive State approval for delayed and contentious Housing Element; and initiated and completed energy improvements to city-owned facilities achieving $15,000 in annual cost savings.

Marti Brown