Marti Brown

Vision.   Strategy.   Planning.   Implementation.

Highlights & Accomplishments

Community Benefits District Ordinance (2013)
Marti introduced the Community Benefits District (CBD) concept in early 2011 during her Reinventing City Government Speakers Series. In early 2012, she won Council approval to move forward with developing an “umbrella ordinance” that would allow City neighborhoods to develop their own assessment districts for commercial, residential and mixed use properties. Similar to a Property – Based Business Improvement District (PBID), CBDs assess properties in order to provide “special services” above and beyond the services provided by city government (e.g., private security, landscaping in public rights-of-way, street clean up, economic development).

The Result:
The CBD ordinance was unanimously adopted by the City Council in 2013. To date, however, no neighborhood has taken advantage of the new legislation and formed an assessment district due to the costs associated with its formation.